How does metarex.media work under the hood?

Wrap all metadata in a standardized container with a standardized identifier and a standardized timing model then link it all to a register that reveals a manifest of the container contents.

The Metarex Container

Start by reading the MRX container overview that leads you through how we chose the container amongst the many available. From that point, you can read the detailed spec of the MRX container specification as it exists today. It it work in progress and there may be further detailed discussions in the metarex GitHub repository.


What is the MetaRex.media project? Where did it come from? What will it deliver?




MRX container overview

How does metarex.media work under the hood?


How does metarex.media work under the hood?


Why is MetaRex needed?


Current Status.



Reference Documents.


Tutorials coming soon.

Dawn Chorus Phase 2

The Dawn Chorus Phase 2 Specification

Dawn Chorus PoC

The Dawn Chorus Proof of Concept Specification

Dawn Chorus

The Dawn Chorus Collaborative Project

Free Software

What software can you expect from Metarex.

Backers - making it happen

How the Project is Funded.



Documents for running the project.

Support - Get Help!

What’s not working?

Terms of Service

How we do business.

Flow Diagram

How Metarex flows metadata

Contact - Join the project!

Share some metadata with us.

MRX container specification

A derivation of the MXF-Live specification to start the Metarex project. This version will be updated and edited as the project proceeds.

Backer & Partner List

Privacy Policy

How we collect and use some Personal Data from Website Users.

metarex.media Style guide

Colors, Fonts and images to help promote metarex.media.


The original MXF-Live specification as used in the mxf-live project.

Set up a meeting!

Set up an online meeting to chat.

About Metarex


IBC 2023 free stuff

IBC 2023 Summary


Timeline to deliver the Responsive Narrative Factory.

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